April 30, 2010

Facebook, Visitor Tracking and the Devil

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“Is the New Facebook a Deal With the Devil?”

With Facebook’s release of the “Like button” and similar tools, they now have the capability to track you on every webpage you visit that has Facebook scripts installed. If you are logged into your Facebook account while surfing the Web Facebook has the capability to associate the webpages you’ve visited with your personal identity, including personal network of friends, and possibly even telephone and credit card numbers.

“[Facebook] may have created the biggest disruption to web traffic analytics in years: demographically verified visitor stats tied to people’s real identities.”

(via Read Write Web)

What will Facebook do with that data? Is there anything protecting users from Facebook’s selling that data or using it for potentially unwholesome purposes?

“Centralization is a dangerous thing and Facebook is a young company that’s proven willing to break its contract with users in the past”

Read more at ReadWriteWeb.

(Note that very similar issues exist with Google’s capacity to track users and to associate your every action on the Internet with your specific personal identity.)

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